Custom Designs - Aluminium Cladding

Custom Designs - Aluminium Cladding From Alubel Italy

ALU-SKIN: new metal siding system for cladding and building rehabilitation

Today with Alu-Skin, designers have creative freedom: both in case of new building or renovation, Alu-Skin is the ideal solution thanks to its characteristics, its innovative finishing and surfaces and thanks to its variable width with or without open joint.

Site Procedure 1: Sub-frame Stage

Installation of Sub-frame
– Sub-frame is cut into size on site
– Corner joint is used for ensuring the perpendicularity of sub-frame
– Galvanized strip and Hilti products are used to fix the sub-frame to the wall structure
Advantages of Sub-frame system
– Generally has better water tightness performance
– Can be used for precast or cast in-situ wall systems which do not require plastering
– Allow greater flexibility in the sequencing of works of other trades; the sub-frame is installed first so that the wet trades around the window can be completed before subsequent installation of the main frame
– The main frame are installed after completion of all wet trades around the windows and hence, are subjected to lower risk of physical damages