Custom Designs - Frameless Systems

Custom Designs - Frameless Systems

Various screens are available for different applications, such as external façade, sunshading, and insect screens. External screens can be customized according to client’s requirement, starting from fixed perforated screen, pivot and movable screen with option for motorized operation.

Working with well-known brands like Renson, Crimsafe, and Genius Screens, we are committed to deliver the best solution for your home.



Profile system
Panel sizes (max. width x height)


Frameless Systems

Non-insulated aluminium profile system
various sizes


Fixed Perforated Screen

  • over 100 standard patterns available for selection
  • special design can be achieved by laser cut

Fixed Louvre Screen

  • various aluminium louvre blade shapes and sizes for selection
  • suitable for sunshading while allowing ventilation

Site Procedure 1: Sub-frame Stage

Installation of Sub-frame
– Sub-frame is cut into size on site
– Corner joint is used for ensuring the perpendicularity of sub-frame
– Galvanized strip and Hilti products are used to fix the sub-frame to the wall structure
Advantages of Sub-frame system
– Generally has better water tightness performance
– Can be used for precast or cast in-situ wall systems which do not require plastering
– Allow greater flexibility in the sequencing of works of other trades; the sub-frame is installed first so that the wet trades around the window can be completed before subsequent installation of the main frame
– The main frame are installed after completion of all wet trades around the windows and hence, are subjected to lower risk of physical damages