Technal TOPAZE GB Sliding System


Technal TOPAZE GB Sliding System

Technal TOPAZE (Original, made in France) aluminium section profiles are used to build large size doors with height up to 3.4 meters.   

This system has been designed to offer maximum natural light with narrow sight lines.  Special reinforced sections improve the profile inertia. With its robust frames, durable hardware, quality tracks, and strong locking systems, Technal sliding system ensures low maintenance, superior reliability and a smooth sliding operation.  

The profiles allow building external doors, with one, two, three, four and more wings.  


CharacteristicsTOPAZE GB Sliding
Profile SystemWithout thermal break, rounded design
Max. height per panelUp to 3.4 m
Max. weight per panelUp to 200kg
Glazing6 – 31 mm
Locking mechanismsUp to 4-point closure systems with recessed handles
Air permeability up to class

3 (EN-1026 / EN-12207)

Water tightness up to class7A (EN-1027 / EN-12208)
Wind pressure resistance up to classC3 (EN-12210 / EN-12211)
Sound insulation up to33 dB (Ra, Tr) (EN ISO 140 / EN ISO 717)


Exceptional joinery

  • Subjected to 20000 cycles of opening and closing tests, this sliding system guarantees longevity and ease of use with leaves weighing up to 200 kg.
  • Available in the traditional version, full-access version and outer-fixed frame application, the use of 6 mm to 31 mm glazing makes it possible to add acoustic, insulation and reinforced security solutions.

Attention to detail

  • Locking mechanisms: simple 1-point recessed handle, up to 4-point closure systems with handles and locks.
  • Recessed track (stainless steel, aluminium) for greater durability.
  • Concealed fixings including matching end caps, plugs and seals for high quality finish.

Rounded design

  • Central mullion 41 mm, narrow front edge, strong profile.
  • Curved lateral mullion.
  • Reinforced central and lateral mullions for large scale designs, whereby the mullions can serve as full-height handle, which facilitate operation of sliding doors.



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Site Procedure 1: Sub-frame Stage

Installation of Sub-frame
– Sub-frame is cut into size on site
– Corner joint is used for ensuring the perpendicularity of sub-frame
– Galvanized strip and Hilti products are used to fix the sub-frame to the wall structure
Advantages of Sub-frame system
– Generally has better water tightness performance
– Can be used for precast or cast in-situ wall systems which do not require plastering
– Allow greater flexibility in the sequencing of works of other trades; the sub-frame is installed first so that the wet trades around the window can be completed before subsequent installation of the main frame
– The main frame are installed after completion of all wet trades around the windows and hence, are subjected to lower risk of physical damages