Sky-Frame 1​

The 12 mm thick, single-glazed Sky-Frame 1 units are suitable for applications without thermal insulation requirements. The system also incorporates special sliding seals that offer a high level of sound control.



Calculation of U(w x h 4.6 m x 3 m) acc to norm Heat insulation value (glass Ug = 5.5) Uw = Sliding elements (max. width x height)

Fixed elements (max. width x height)

Single glazing
Daylight / glass ratio
Water tightness to driving rain up to class
Air permeability up to class
Resistance to wind load up to
Sound insulation up to

Sky-Frame 1

SIA 331                             EN 10077
5.59 W/m2K                     5.81 W/m2K
3.2 m x 4 m
larger on request
3.2 m x 4 m / 4 m x 3.2 m
larger on request
6 – 12 mm
9A (EN 12208 / EN 1027*)
4 (EN 12207 / EN 12211*)
C3 (EN 12210 / EN 1627*)
Rw, P 37 dB (EN ISO 717-1 / EN ISO 10140*)



Operation of the sliding elements is simple and reliable.
The narrow handle that is integrated in the locking profile is effortlessly pushed upwards and thus unlocked. Now the
sliding element can be opened.
The system is locked in the reverse order, whereby the sliding element locks automatically.
A locking catch is optionally available that keeps the handle raised until it is deliberately lowered again, therefore
preventing you from locking yourself out accidentally.

Burglary protection

In order to further increase the burglary protection, Sky-Frame uses special laminated glass (P4A), reinforced
frame profiles and additional fittings for the multi-point locking integrated in the slim profile. 
It is operated by the same shapely handles, into which an additional locking cylinder is installed. It can be positioned either inside or outside.
The ift Rosenheim certifies Sky-Frame as having an approved burglary protection up to a height of 4m with the above-mentioned additional components: Resistance class RC2 (WK2)
(EN 356 and EN V 1627-1630)


No threshold

Measures necessary for proper building physical construction of a threshold-free detail are implemented in the sophisticated Sky-Frame bottom detail without compromise:
– drainage level with a reliable outward water drainage is integrated in the profile
– bottom profile provides a large surface for a safe application of sealing sheets
– detail, which is met by the Swiss standard SIA 271, secures the rapid and controlled drainage of even the heaviest rain volume
– consistent thermal separation of warm / cold shells by the optimal placement and development of the polyamide middle bar
– various system gutters with stainless steel (inox) covers
– easy to clean (without deep ditches or tracks)

Barrier free

The flush floor track ensures smooth transitions and barrier-free accessibility for both patio or balcony.
The barrier-free accessibility standard in the building according to standard DIN 18040-1+2 has an increasing significance alone in view of the increasing proportion of elderly in the population.
A single sliding wing already provides a generous passage, and therefore also provides sufficient room to move for accompanied wheelchair users.
The electric drive is an additional convenience feature for this target group.
Be it wheelchair or pram – threshold-free details provide maximum mobility.


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Single glazing


Double-glazed insulating glass


Triple-glazed insulating glass

Site Procedure 1: Sub-frame Stage

Installation of Sub-frame
– Sub-frame is cut into size on site
– Corner joint is used for ensuring the perpendicularity of sub-frame
– Galvanized strip and Hilti products are used to fix the sub-frame to the wall structure
Advantages of Sub-frame system
– Generally has better water tightness performance
– Can be used for precast or cast in-situ wall systems which do not require plastering
– Allow greater flexibility in the sequencing of works of other trades; the sub-frame is installed first so that the wet trades around the window can be completed before subsequent installation of the main frame
– The main frame are installed after completion of all wet trades around the windows and hence, are subjected to lower risk of physical damages